More Products

Other than Nuti Group leathers, we also supply some leather materials from China & Thailand. Here below is some of the top selling leathers recently.

DSC_0014Shelly Belly (Natural colour)
Lamma Belly (with full aniline colours)

In the old day, bellies were mainly used for worker gloves, or embossed for watch strap or small leather goods use. Almost 25 years ago, thank you for the effort of Mr.Joe Law and our Italian development team, we successfully developed a smooth, shiny and greasy finish on full vegetable tanned belly, and brought to the market of Hong Kong and China. It made great impact of the market immediately as its competitive price and elegant finish.

These are Italian made full vegetable tanned leather on Belly part. Belly part is narrow and long, suitable for small leather goods or trimming use.

DSC_0171The Shelly Belly and Lamma Belly we are making is now under the name of “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana” (The 100% real vegetable tanned leather in Tuscany), which is under the association “Consorzio Vera Pelle  Italiana Conciata al Vegetale”.

To  guarantee the “Made in Italy” and by traditional tanning methods and materials. We can supply the guarantee tag with an unique corticated number. which in Japanese, English and Italian language.

SHELL Cordovan 

13533221_1214063461939402_8451850821163659738_nThe Italian full vegetable tanned Real Horse leather. We can make of Shell, Shoulder or even Side of Horse leather. It is the most wanted leather by Japanese high-end customers and shoes makers.

It is proud to present as “Concia Lenta Genuiua al Vegetale”: The Real leather which is tanned with slow processing by traditional vegetable processing.
The top surface colours are hand-stained by our Italian skillful technical staffs piece by piece.

Fine grain, natural gloss and great endurance, makes Italian Shell Cordovan worth its price. We can supply both “Varenne” (hi-gloss classic), “Marango” (wax-polish effect) & “”Storico” (hand-stain 2 tones effect), which are suitable for making both leathergoods and shoes.

Elsa & Soft Elsa

Soft and light. So-called “Nappa type” leather. A cow side leather with Natural Milling effect which used by many international top brand names for bags, wallets and belts. For Elsa leather collection, we have more than 300 colours to select. And we are happy to develop your own colours for your collection.

** “Nappa” is the valley name in America, which was traditionally a kind of soft leather to make gloves in 19th century. But it was then widely known as a kind of cow soft leather by Japanese.

DSC0447954be206ce8159.jpg DSC_0019

DSC04484Nubuck (Nabuk)

Special brushed full grain leather. Shoes factories, Belt manufacturers and watch straps customers love it, which we are supplying to many top end Swiss brand names now. Such as Tissot, Swatch, also French luxury brand group like LVMH Group.




DSC04496T-Ponte (Full embossed leather)

Embossed cow leather, there are more than 500 different patterns to select, included the popular print Saffiano. Good for bags and leather goods use.




DSC04505T-Porta (Hand-rolled leather)

By using hand rolling effort to present the very unique cow grain effect. Natural and elegant. Loved by the handbag designers.





The UK Bridle Leather

The leather used by the Royal Family to produce harnesses. Because of its relatively high price, there are a lot of false information and plagiarized articles about this leathers in the market (especially in the DIY/handicraft field) and on the Internet. In fact, it is a leather tanned with relatively traditional and ancient way of vegetable tanning, which is mostly produced from the Shoulders or D.Butts of cattle raised locally in the UK.



Split leather 

Outside full grain leather, we also supply Split leathers. The wet blue split leathers from Italy Nuti Group are used into our production. To process P.U.Coated Split, Suede, Re-sin Backing and more.