A Young and Dynamic Reality

The Tannery PAPETE SRL is a young and dynamic reality that since 2012, year of production start-up, processes bovine hides such as calves, half calves and vegetable-tanned sides. The hides are supplied in thicknesses from 1.0 mm. to 2.5 mm. and are intended for the production of leather goods and footwear. Vegetable tanning gives a natural, antique and long-lasting appearance to the hides, ideal for use in the production of refined accessories.


A High Quality Product

The production process is based on the use of ancient tanning techniques, implemented through the use of products of natural origin extracted from the bark of trees or fruits from environmentally sustainable crops. Through this technique the leathers take on different warm and natural colors depending on the tannins used. All this using the most modern and efficient production technologies.





The production process of Papete tannery has obtained over the years many certifications including LWG GOLD that guarantee the sustainability of our production process.



The brand was created to certify the care and attention in the use of natural extracts and to limit the use of products derived from petrochemical synthesis.



The final products have a natural yield and a refined effect that allows them to be used by the most important international brands. These leathers are mainly used for leather goods, footwear and furniture.