Leather is QUALITY. In order to provide the best. NUTI LEATHER GROUP selects and use the top quality raw materials from Italy , France and other European countries.


Leather is NATURAL. It is a kind of natural resource taken from animals. The naturalism followers always get contradiction of the love of its natural beauty, and the sorrow of its unique.


Leather is VENTURESOME. From rawhide to finished leather. From failure to success, which includes a variety of processes. The texture of different parts of a body is unique. Somewhere tight and somewhere loose. After rawhide turned into finished leather, these characteristics clearly appear.


Leather is FASHION. It is not only a material to present designer's handbags, shoes and other leather goods. But also itself. From the aniline colours to metallic colours, from the solid colours to hand-stains dual tone colours, from classic calf leathers to fancy crackle, cut-off, screen print etc. Leather fashion changes everyday.


Leather is ART. Tanner processes leather by their hands, by their imagine, by their creative, by their brave. Every single piece of leathers is unique. Especially showing off the nature of real leather, the coverage of colour compound must be light or thin. Colour variation is normally visible. Just like you will never find another masterpiece of Mona Lisa.

Tunenic Leather Ltd.

Tunenic Leather Ltd. was founded in 1985. We are the Hong Kong office of Italy NUTI LEATHER GROUP since 1995.

Nuti Ivo SPA

The mother tannery of Italy NUTI LEATHER GROUP. Work with most of the world-wide brand names for handbags, shoes and leather goods.

Everest SRL

The sub-tannery of Italy NUTI LEATHER GROUP which is specialized for high-class Baby Calf leathers. Work with top brand names for shoes and leatherwares.

Lloyd SPA

The sub-tannery of Italy NUTI LEATHER GROUP which is specialized for vegetable tan and heavy leathers. Good for belts and leather goods.

Our Leathers

An overview of our leathers are suitable for:


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