About Tunenic Leather Ltd.

Tunenic Leather Ltd. was founded in 1985 by Mr. Joe Law, currently our general manager, starting his leather career since 1978. We based in Hong Kong, started to sell furniture leathers of Thailand and West Germany, and also producing handbags and leather goods in Chungshan, Canton, China. Since 1995, we become the member and Hong Kong & China head office of Italian NUTI Leather Group. We have more than 40 years experience in leather business field. At the end of 2003, the second generation, Mr. Sharpe Law joined the company after he finished the study of leather in Italy Nuti Group, helping the business till today, bringing the innovation and motivation.

Our Story






Member of Italy Nuti Ivo Group

Conceria Nuti Ivo Spa

Found in 1955. The mother tannery of Nuti Ivo Group. Work with worldwide brands such as Hermes, LVMH, Gucci, Longcham, Cartier etc. Mainly produces cowhide for handbags, shoes and leather goods use.

Conceria Everest Srl

Found in 1989. Nuti Ivo Tanneries Group member.  Specialized for high-end Baby Calf leather also fancy fashion leathers. Work with top world wide brand names for shoes and leatherwares.

Conceria Lloyd Spa

Found in 1981. Member of Nuti Ivo Group. Specialized for vegetable tan and up to 4.0mm heavy leathers making. Produce classic finish leathers for belt, straps, leathergoods, saddles use.

Tunenic Leather Ltd.

Found in 1985 by Mr.Joe Law. We are the Hong Kong office of Nuti Ivo Group since 1995. We handle leather business, also bags, leather goods and belts manufacturing for customers.

Conceria Papete Srl

Found in 2012. A sub-tannery of Conceria Lloyd which produces vegetable tanned leather of calf and cow side. Thinner substances from 1.0-2.5mm which are good for leather goods and shoes.

Conceria Deluxe Srl

Open in 2013. Produces sheep and goat skins which are ideal for footwear, leather goods and clothing garment use. Offers a highly competitive product, combining semi-finished production.

Paraguay Parpelli Sa

Located in Asuncion, Paraguay. The Southern American tannery's products are target the footwear market, particularly sports footwear, and production capacities can satisfy the demand of even the largest international brands.

Morocco Shihara Sarl

Located in Marrakech, Morocco. The Northern African tannery produces quality cattle skins, mainly for footwear which are then finished in Italy by Nuti Ivo Group. It is now accounts for 35-40% of all cattle material available in the country.

Chemicals Novakem Srl

Novakem produces chemicals for Nuti Ivo Group tanneries use. The company starts its production on July of 2014,  the products are perfect for producing leather of high quality in veg tanner and also in chrome tanner.