Vegetable Tanning:
Saving energy and environmental care.

100% Natural:
Vegetable tanning is carried out using plant extracts from FSC certified forests.

Energy Sustainability:
Our commitment is always directed towards achieving the highest possible energy sustainability. Part of the energy used daily is produced by solar panels and the adoption of the most advanced tanning techniques allows us to reduce water consumption to a minimum.

Pollution Reduction:
Waste disposal is one of the key points to reduce pollution. Animal hair is recovered and reused in agriculture in the production of fertilizers, even exhausted tanned baths are recovered by reducing the amount of water used. We strive to ensure that the waste we produce is easily disposed of and that the by-products can always be reused in other industries.


It is 1955 when Ivo Nuti opens his first tannery (Nuti Ivo) in Santa Croce sull’Arno, with 15 employees to produce suede split leather for footwear. We are in the midst of an economic boom and production is grinding out orders in parallel with a rapidly growing Italy.

Right from the start, Nuti Ivo dedicated part of its energies to developing and applying the concept of energy and environmental sustainability, which remains one of its cornerstones to this day.

Vegetable tanning: the vocation of two tanneries of the Nuti Ivo group.

Conscious production: this is the concept behind the sustainable development and production of two of the group’s tanneries: Lloyd and Papete. Here, hides are tanned according to eco-sustainable processes, limiting the use of chemical additives and products derived from chemical synthesis, which allow for the production of high quality products.




Sustainable energy development focuses on the desire to self-produce 50% of the electricity used in production through technologically advanced systems centered on the use of solar panels and the use of electricity from certified renewable energy sources.







The traditional process of the tannery has therefore been revised in the light of new knowledge in the field of chemistry and with the introduction of advanced machinery, in order to significantly reduce water consumption and pollution load caused by waste disposal.






Thanks to the constant study of new techniques we try to minimize our environmental impact.
The commitment to corporate sustainability also translates into the effort to recover the waste produced, always looking for alternative methods to landfill disposal in collaboration with the company ILSA S.P.A.