2016-new-ev02HISTORY of Conceria EVEREST SRL

aboutev02Conceria Everest was established in 1989, initially as a separate operation from their parent company, Conceria Nuti Ivo. The production then was splits and suedes. Soon after, the two tanneries started to co-ordinate efforts and experience, with a goal of producing better quality calf and baby calfskins intended for the Italian footwear market.

The production of splits and larger calf was dropped in 1995 when the tannery began a complete specialization in baby calf. Leathers were developed, initially for the global footwear market, and soon after for the emerging European fine leather goods business.

New American and Asian markets opened which led to a significant increase in production. For this reason, all of the tanneries systems were upgraded and expanded.
The decision was then made to bring all tanning and finishing processes “in house”. This important production change resulted in the EVEREST tannery earning world class recognition, offering the ability to maintain strict quality control standards and quick deliveries.

From 1997, a complete range of products was offered and the focus became tailored to desired target markets. The new collections were quite exclusive with hand finished embossed leathers becoming a specialty. Chrome and vegetable tanned goatskins were also introduced.

In 2002, with a continuing focus on emerging technologies and environmental concerns, our entire tanning and finishing process was upgraded with the addition of new machinery designed toward cleaner and more efficient leather production.

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3Today, Conceria EVEREST is a respected global supplier of calfskin to several of the world’s best footwear, bag, and leather goods brands.

Our production is baby calf and goat. We have many classic and fashion articles along with a wide variety of embossed specialty grains. Our production capacity is over half a million square feet per month.

Seasonal leather collections are well planned and executed by our talented team of contributors. Together with our technical staff, they continually offer bright new ideas along with the most current color and trend direction. Our production team ensures that new articles are developed to the highest quality standard for creativity and performance.

4Our articles range from classic smooth calf to milled leathers and a wide variety of embossed grains. We specialize in embossed articles, primarily alligator grains and exotic prints.

Our new designs are developed from embossing plates (more than 150 prints), owned by and made exclusively for EVEREST. We offer a variety of natural type finishes that include hand staining, hand tipping, and worn vintage looks. Our unique “final touches” make our new leather developments unmistakably EVEREST.

Everest is pleased to be able to offer private development for your brand. New ideas and developments are held in strict confidence, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

Our goal is that the EVEREST tannery be a “first stop” for you to find the newest fashion ideas, trend direction, and the finest calf in Italy.




Over the years, Everest Tannery has obtained many certifications such as LWG, which guarantees the sustainability of the production processes, and ISO 9001, which certifies the quality management system.



Our line of exclusive stampings makes each of our creations unique and inimitable. The plates, created by hand, are cast from the skin of real animals. The Everest printed area is mainly dedicated to reptile and alligator imitations.



Marketing is mainly directed towards international markets, so much so that most of the production is exported. Everest Tannery is proud to count among its customers the most important international luxury brands.




Qualita ISO 9001:2008
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Rifiuti eISO 14001

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Sicurezza OHSAS
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Responsabilta sociale
ISO 50001

Ambiente 14000
Rifiuti eISO 14001