Nuti Group Excellence

The Deluxe SRL tannery was opened in 2013 and is the latest addition to the Nuti Ivo Group. Deluxe is the ideal partner to respond to the needs of sheep leather for footwear, leather goods and clothing, because it can offer a highly competitive product, combining semi-finished products from the countries of origin of the raw material with the technology and taste of a tannery of Italian tradition.


Production and Finishing

Production takes place through direct control by our qualified personnel at the place of manufacture, guaranteeing the high quality tanning that has distinguished the Nuti Ivo group throughout the world over the years. The delocalization of production in various sites allows the company great flexibility in terms of both quality and quantity.





Tannery Deluxe offers a wide range of products: different types of tassels for footwear, leather goods and garments, linings for bags and small leather goods. Some of the most used innovative technologies are digital printing and coupling of leather and fabrics.



In recent years Deluxe has also specialized in the production of Metal Free linings for footwear, with the development of a technology that allows the maintenance of competitive costs.