For DIY and Leather Workshops:

25759_371587157674_7879909_nWe sell to international brand names, manufacturers with quantity.
But we also accept small quantity order for: DIY, retail leather shops, leather workshop (leathercraft) and interest classes.

We are now co-operating with various leather workshops, they are from Hong Kong, also from Tokyo, Osaka (Japan) and Taipei City (Taiwan).

Tunenic Leather believes that : Designers, creators and leather lovers should not be limited by the quantity. This is not only for business, but we hope our little effort can support the local industries.

More important is: During the cooperation with leather craftsman, who can provide knowledge and characteristic of leather directly to the end-user. We believe this is the best way for promoting of leather, to let more people, who outside the leather field, understand “why leather is so special??”. Leather is unique and natural. Every single piece of leather is unique in the world. We hope end-users will understand the natural features of leather. This is the aim of Tunenic Leather.

At the same time, our team (which received the approve of “Caring Company” of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) are now working with Secondary school, universities, designer schools, NGO, holding Non-profit making leather classes. Our aim is to provide more information, to let students understand about leathers and also how to make leather products. No only let them know more about the leather industry’s history but may help their career planning too.

In 2018, we are going to launch our new brand name “Pelletteria S&G” in the market.

No matter you are an individual leather lovers or leather craftsman, just give us a call. We are happy to share the story of leather with you.

slider20For Bulk Production:

Other than accepting small order quantity, we, Tunenic Leather also accepts small order of finish products. We manufacture your unique leather products like handbags, wallets , small leather goods, watch straps & shoes, by using our beautiful Italian leathers.

We can produce by 100% handicraft (by hand-stitching), or we can put into mass production in China or Hong Kong factory (Made in Hong Kong). It depends on your request or order quantity. We also provide manufacturing processes in oversea: Italy (100% Made in Italy) and Japan (100% Made in Japan).