Our knowledge at your service for a safe product

Novakem is a company that was created to guarantee and constantly control leathers. Thanks to this continuous control and to its high reliability we are able to ensure a high quality standard relying on the complete traceability of the original manufacturing companies. Novakem makes it possible for us to purchase products that are guaranteed and not reformulated.


Novakem is an internal division of Nuti Ivo Group created to make chemicals for tanneries. Born in July 2014 from a close collaboration between chemical engineers and a group of historical tanners in Italy in a perfect mix between specific technical knowledge and over 50 years of tanning experience at the highest levels.



Novakem’s objective is to produce a limited number of chemical products of the highest quality, able to satisfy the needs of selected tanneries, becoming an international reference point in the sector. Novakem products are particularly suitable for the production of high quality leathers, both for Vegetable and Chrome tanning.



Our product concept is developed through the use of the best raw materials available on the market, with particular attention to the concentration of the active substance and with regard to REACH regulations. Novakem chooses quality raw materials directly from the producer without any intermediary.