2016-new-lloyd02HISTORY of LLOYD

P1060675The tannery LLOYD SPA, founded in 1981, is situated in Santa Sroce sull’Arno and is part of FINATAN SPA group.

LLOYS s.p.a. tannery is producing and marketing vegetable tanned leather for belts, saddlery, harness and footwear. The production is based on the use of bovine raw hides of domestic and foreign sources in the form of Shoulders, Backs (Butts) and Bellies, and has specialized in the processing with vegetable tannins, considered the most antic tannage method.

It starts since 1987 has undergone a process of diversification, first with the introduction of Buffalo leather. In the years 1990-1991 with the production of vegetable-tanned calves intended for footwear also leather goods to export to various European countries. In the same years it is recorded ECOCALF mark for ecological leathers, which defined to the specific characteristics of the manufacturing process and the absence of certain substances pernicious.

In late 90’s, the production lines are settled as current set.  As the need of systematically, effectively and efficiently manage the quality aspects of the product and process, LLOYD culminated  with the achievement of the UNI EN ISO 9001 by the Institute of quality certification for the tanning Industry in 2000, which accredited by ACCREDIA. Today Conceria LLoyd is among the few Italian companies also certified ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

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LLOYD s.p.a. tannery exalts the best European selected leather using the traditional vegetable tanning, preserving the natural look and giving them the peculiarities of the fascinating “OLD LEATHER”.

Vegetable tanning is the most ancient techniques of leather industry, which used for the first time in history to produce the Egyptian sandals or later for the Romans. The Lloyd’s vegetable tanning leathers are processed by traditional craftsmanship, using tannin extracted from renewable plant sources (trees, bark, fruits). It gives leather “alive”, that will change the color and texture by time. This technique assumes a low environmental impact during disposal and of the waste derived from washing during the different stages, making it a totally ecological material.

One of the properties of this processing is making the leather looks unique piece to piece, also a low upholstery and completely hypoallergenic. It dyed and greased by hand with a natural waxes, which has high physical characteristics of wear resistance and tensile strength. The leather has naturally and a vintage effect.

LLOYD’s leathers are sought by major international brands for making belts and in the particular parts of bags, such as handles and edge.

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The Nuti Lloyd tannery has obtained over the years many certifications including LWG Silver that guarantee the sustainability of our production process, more to show below.



The brand was created to certify the care and attention in the use of natural extracts and to limit the use of products derived from petrochemical synthesis.



The final products have a natural yield and a vintage effect sought after by the most important international brands. Our leathers are used to make belts, leather goods and special parts subject to wear. Our leathers lend themselves to the production of articles for saddlery and bridle-making.




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