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– UNIC with Phygital Sustainability Expo 2023 –

In order to promote “sustainable development” and provide more education about leather making and knowledge, Mr. Fabrizio Nuti, the president of UNIC (Italian Tanneries Association), also the president of our Nuti Ivo Group, proposed an initiative last year, which is to hold or participation in an exhibition about “Leather Sustainability” (Green Leather), which is also the main objective of UNIC as one of the speakers of this year in Phygital Sustainability Expo 2023: to bring clarity to leather production and inject more “Green elements” into Italian tanning industry, also to establish a convincing “sustainable development” policy and blueprint.

The spokesperson of UNIC said that the main reason for the association to participate in this event is “because when bio-economy and circularity are discussed, the tanning segment has to be present. Otherwise, we witness the usual demonization of leather without having the chance to counter the claims with certified and clarifying information”.

The exhibition was held a few days ago (July 5-6) at the Fori Imperiali, a well-known scenic spot in Rome, the capital of Italy.

Photo credit: La Conceria & UNIC