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【What is sustainability: Sustainable Leather?】

In recent years, the very popular topic must be “sustainable development”. Many brands, companies, suppliers, always have the word “sustainable”. Seems adding this word will make high profit, and doing something good to the earth and environmental protection.

Have you guys watch a recent Netflix documentary “Seaspiracy”? which brings up a very good question: “What is Sustainable”? The so-called environmental protection associations in the film can’t even give the answers themselves.

So, actually “What is Sustainable”?

I always want to write an article about “sustainable development of leather”, I also discussed this topic with some friends a while ago. Of course I am not an academic, nor an expert in the leather industry. It’s just that I have been in the leather industry for the past 20 years, and my family has also been engaged in leather for more than 40 years, and I have seen the development and changes of the leather industry in the past 20 years.

It’s just a simple summary, it can also be treated as an introduction. Let everyone have more in-depth and useful discussions of “sustainable development of leather”, For details please read: (Sorry, Traditional Chinese only)

Read more of the interview with Mr. Fabrizio Nuti in December 2020, mentioning the future development direction of the Italian leather industry, One of the points he emphasized is:
“We are precursors in terms of sustainability, but few are aware of that”
“We need to think in the long-term, about investments in innovation and training, investments to educate consumers to make more intelligent choices, and some aimed at facilitating legislations that can promote such initiatives.”